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    With the development of enterprise innovation to today, the times that"building a car behind closed doors" is already a thing of the past. More and more innovation needs cooperation and participation with colleges, institutions, upstream and downstream enterprises and even cross industry. According to this, Yinshilai has put forward the collaborative innovation mode of "vertical alliance and horizontal alliance". While constantly improving its innovation ability, Yinshilai actively exploits "external brain" resources by means of brain, force and platform, and cooperates with colleges, institutions and upstream and downstream enterprises more widely and deeply. In recent years, the company has led or participated in strategic cooperation alliances with excellent universities and enterprises, such as Donghua University, IKEA, UNIQLO, Zara, Gucci, Disney, Eastman, Asahi Kasei, Fuanna, Mendale home textile, Yuyue home textile, etc., and the"great innovation" pattern is gradually forming.

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