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     The reason why “Yinshilai”s innovation has always been in the industry-leading position is that the company close to the market, appropriate advanced innovation strategy, and constantly improve technology development capabilities. At present, the company has more than 60 valid patents, including 6 invention patents and 22 utility model patents; participated in the drafting and revision of 5 industry standards; the company cooperated with Donghua University in the “Large fold”project, and won the first prize of China Textile Industry Federation for scientific and technological progress in 2016; the company independently developed the ecological functional home fabric for pregnant and infant, which is made of multi-layer fabric once, the organic materials used in the whole process,is no additives, no pollution, but have great market value. Du Yuzhou, former president of textile industry association, once made an inscription of "Weaving Art" for the company, which highly summarized and affirmed the company's R & D and innovation ability. We firmly believe that the company's R & D team with excellent learning ability will provide the company and our customers with continuous innovation power.

Product name:“One time down filling” down fabric
   “One time down filling” down fabric, no need to sew, overcome the drill down
Product name:“High count and high density” series fabric
  “High count and high density” series fabric, with the added density up to 6300 pieces / 10cm.
Product name:“Large fold”series fabric
  “Large fold”series fabric, three-dimensional structure, one-time forming.
Product name:Multi layer healthy fabric for pregnant and baby
  Multi layer healthy fabric for pregnant and baby, comfortable and skin friendly, environmental protection and health.