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   The development and application of new materials and new fibers is another key direction of “Yinshilai”s technological innovation. The new materials developed and applied by the company include Tencel, cuprammonium, acetate fiber, silk / mulberry silk, bamboo fiber, chitin fiber, gold / silver fiber, copper ion fiber, modal, milk fiber, soybean fiber, corn fiber, flame retardant wool, cashmere, Taiji fiber, organic cotton / colored cotton, recycled fiber and other low-carbon and environmental protection newfiber,adapted to a healthy,comfortable, environmental friendly, and fashionable consumption trend focusing on the taste and personality.

Product name:Cuprammonium series

    Cuprammoniumfilamentfabric is soft to the touch, suitable for luster, excellent basic performance and comfort performance, good moisture absorption, great drape, similar to silk, in line with the trend of environmental protection clothing.

Product name:Acetate series

    Acetate fabric has excellent performance, soft and elegant luster, good drapability, certain moisture absorption, and silk-like qualities. At the same time, it has the characteristics of synthetic fiber stiffness, smoothness, mold, and moth resistance.

Product name:Organic cotton / Colored Cotton Series

    Organic cotton, organic fertilizer biological control of pests and diseases, natural farming management is the main, from seed to agricultural products all-natural pollution-free production. Natural colored cotton, using modern bioengineering technology to cultivate a new type of textile raw materials in the cotton when the fiber has a natural color when spitting. The series of fabrics are non-stimulating to the skin, non-static, non-pilling, breathable, sweat-absorbent, in line with environmental protection and human health requirements.

Product name:Bamboo fiber series

    Bamboo fiber is a fiber extracted from bamboo by a special high-tech process. Bamboo fiber series fabrics have excellent moisture absorption and breathability, and they are soft to the touch, wearable, and shiny. It also has better natural antibacterial, antibacterial, and UV protection functions.

Product name:Tencel series

    "Tencel" is a kind of cellulose fiber made of wood pulp mainly from coniferous trees. Tencel series fabrics have excellent physical and mechanical properties. At the same time,they have the comfort of cotton fiber, the drapability and colorfulness of viscose fiber, and the soft feel and elegant luster of silk.

Product name:Natural fuiber series

    The use of silk fiber, modal fiber, corn fiber, chitin fiber, soybean fiber, and other low-carbon, environmentally friendly new fibers to meet the health and environmental protection, culture and fashion, pay attention to taste and personality of consumer demand.